Modneli is a friendship of two women. Our biggest aspiration is to create beauty and cherish feminine self-confidence to a maximum level. We believe that dresses we make reflect our aims – beauty and empowerment.

Why? Because we are sure that true princesses fix each other crowns!

A story of our company began 3 years ago. One of those gloomy mornings when the mood was worst you can imagine and even coffee was worthless, we decided to do an experiment. Nothing to lose anyway.  We put our best dresses, heels on and  the rest just followed – mild make-up, accessories…Hard to believe, but  the thing that looked impossible turned into the most beautiful day full of best happenings!

Let’s agree – a dress does oblige, though it always rewards…compliments, smiles, suddenly a more forgiving tone of your boss … So that was the day we decided to start creating for you! Some days are just as luck would have it. But we want to fix your crown every morning. We are sure – the right dress can turn your mood upside down. It has a power to turn your day into a tiny fest!

Modneli dresses come from the biggest love for life and belief that we shouldn’t serve the clothes. We create the dresses that make your day & those that turn you to the most attractive lady in a whole party!

Meanwhile our fest begins at work desk, where stitch after stitch, pleat after pleat we make Modneli dresses.

We entrust sewing only to small sewing houses, which focus on quality we demand.

 We say – dress like you are going to meet your biggest enemy!

With love,

Modneli team.


Our contacts:

Akvilė Žilionė
Phone number : +370 605 33 700

The activity is carried out according to an individual act number: 967270
Main activity: 141320 - Sewing of women's outerwear